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2016 Shanghai international die casting, Viar brand with high-end products

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On July 12 to 14, in the Shanghai new international expo center held the 11th CHINA international DIE CASTING conference and exhibition (CHINA DIE CASTING 2016), as CHINA and the world's largest, most widely, the strongest professional die-casting exhibition is gather the latest technology. The latest products. The latest concept important activities of the platform. Viar latest products - die casting for double circuit to participate in the exhibition, die temperature machine weft and die mold temperature machine, designed for magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die-casting molding at high temperature and mold temperature requirement and design, the highest temperature can reach 320 degrees, stable operation, reasonable double circuit design, suitable for the demand of cavities and different temperature, cover an area of an area small, during the exhibition, attracted many clients at home and abroad with professional eye, said sure weft and the brand products in succession, and reached cooperation intention, through this exhibition we have a deeper understanding of the development of the industry, will be more firm the confidence in the future, and formulate the corresponding target, will constantly improve, improve product with high quality instead of similar foreign products make efforts!