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Viar new heat conduction oil heater basic introduction

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Heat conduction oil heater used for more than 6 months and use inferior thermal oil does not do any maintenance, after high temperature to form carbide material in electric heater heat exchange area is reduced, the pipe circulation, reduce the guide and heated surface, reduces the heat transfer efficiency, increasing the energy consumption and finally to meet the needs of production.
Heat conduction oil boiler scale oil carbon cleaning technology
A, heat conduction oil boiler is fast popularization use
Heat conduction oil boiler (HTM furnace) is a meson boiler, organic heat medium oil as a heat transfer it can run in low pressure high working temperature, due to the safety and efficiency are petroleum, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, food, chemical fiber, plastics, coatings, building materials and other industrial enterprises in the rapid popularization and use.
Second, the problems of heat conduction oil boiler use
Question 1: thermal oil heating polycondensation is easy to make boiler heat transfer area of the carbon coking
After high temperature heat conduction oil heating prone to cracking and polymerization reaction, make the oil degradation. Such as heat conduction oil gelatinous consistency, carbon residue and acid value exceeds bid, JiaoJing exhalation deposition and so on, led to the boiler heat transfer area of coking quality carbon oil dirty.
Question 2: focal scale make energy consumption increases, heat transfer area of fire accident
Electric heater heat conduction oil boiler heat transfer tube wall gathered after the oil coke scale, not only make a significant decline in heat transfer efficiency, fuel cost increase, the temperature can also affect the downstream production process. Serious when local overheating caused by heat transfer wall, wall crack, corrosion and tube, the heat conduction oil leakage fire and casualties and other major safety accident.
Heat conduction oil resistance focal antiscale technology
The carbon, oil degradation accelerated boiler coking
Shanghai heat-conducting oil boiler in use process, the heat conduction oil chemical composition because of high temperature oxidation, are likely to happen at heat cracking decomposition and thermal polymerization and chemical reaction, make oily glue. Polycondensation reaction of coke particles make the heat conduction oil a dramatic rise in the value of carbon residue, carbon formed coke quality oil dirty on the surface of the heat transfer.
Second, the oil carbon scale to endanger the safety of boiler operation
Heat conduction oil product oil coke formation of the carbon scale not only greatly reduce the heat transfer efficiency of heat conduction oil boiler, greatly increased the cost of energy consumption, and can cause thermal oil boiler corrosion damage of metal under high temperature and corrosion and scaling, the furnace tube metal damage cracks or corrosion hole, serious when can burning furnace tube, heat conduction oil leakage cause major accidents such as fire and human lives.