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Mold temperature machine development situation analysis in the plastic processing industry

Publisher:admin Hits:发表时间:2016-05-20 12:16:00

Mold temperature machine is widely applied in all fields of plastic processing industry, plastic auxiliary machinery are indispensable equipment, most of the time is indispensable part of the complete production line. The mold temperature machine is the important component of plastic auxiliary machinery.

There are many different kinds of plastic auxiliary machinery for example: metal separator, cold water machine, die temperature machine, plastic crusher and desiccant dryer, etc., and each kind of plastic auxiliary machine has a number of categories, such as cold water machine can be divided into screw chiller, water cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller, etc., the same and mold temperature machine is divided into oil type mould machine and water type mold temperature machine.

In addition to outside the host such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding machine, plastic processing industry still need a lot of use to all kinds of auxiliary equipment. For the modern plastic processing industry, the performance of the auxiliary also to product quality and production efficiency of the enterprise have a significant impact.

The rapid development of the plastic products industry to mold temperature machine industry has brought great opportunities, but also great challenges. But no matter in developed countries like Germany technology, experience, or processing equipment and so on relative to the domestic level has a big advantage, it also demonstrates the domestic level to increase space is still large.

At present most of the mold temperature machine made in China is equipped with a full digital PID temperature control and automatic control of cooling, can automatically maintain stability of mold temperature, temperature can be accurately control in & plusmn; Within 1 ℃, and a number of security Settings. The current domestic production of injection molding machine and so on have been largely using homebred mould machine.