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Viar die mold temperature machine, die mold temperature machine, die-casting die working principle of the oil heater

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Heat conduction oil to control the temperature of the mold in the mold. Temperature sensor to detect the oil temperature or the temperature of the mold, if the temperature is lower than the set value, the control system on heating element, heat conduction oil heating; If the temperature is higher than the set value, the control system Series cooling element, heat conduction oil cooling. Equipment with the method of automatic control, can have very good control effect, improve the inner and surface quality of magnesium alloy die casting, prolong the service life of mould.

We all know: a, die casting mould is much larger than the injection mold dimensions, require heating cooling load is big, need to choose a big die temperature of heating power machine; Second, die-casting production, the temperature of the alloy solution up to five or six baidu, and mold temperature stability between 100 to 100 degrees, die temperature machine, need to choose a big cooling power Three, die-casting mould moving die, die, slider three parts need to temperature control, temperature of each part requirement is different, need to mold temperature machine to control the temperature; Four, die casting mould of hot flow path is long, the use of high temperature, which will need to select the high temperature, high pressure of hot oil circulation pump heat conduction oil between die casting die and mold temperature machine cycle.